Addicted to Online Dating?

Once you get comfortable with online dating, it can actually be quite fun. In your office, you may be the frumpy secretary, but on the Internet, you’re the most popular girl in town! Everyone wants to talk to you and tell you how gorgeous your smile is and how unique your profile is. They all want to take you out. The winks start rolling in and the attention can be, well, addicting.

The problem is that eventually, some people come to value the attention over face-to-face contact. It’s surprisingly easy to build up an emotionally intimate relationship without ever meeting someone in person. Experts say that women are likely to form opinions about their own self-worth based on these online relationships. They are fulfilled emotionally, but if the relationship doesn’t work out like they idealize it, they can be devastated.

So what are the signs that you’re addicted to online dating?

Logging on multiple times a day. If you’re doing it first thing in the morning, sneaking it at work, and have each site’s mobile app installed, you might be just too into online dating.

Using multiple dating sites. If you are on Match, JDate, and, you might need to ask yourself if you really need to “expand your horizons” quite that far.

Refusing to delete your profile. You’ve met someone great, but you just can’t stop going back for more. If you believe something better is out there – even though your current mate is downright perfect – you may have a problem.

Turning down real relationships. Whether you’re rejecting your friends, family, or other potential suitors, bailing on plans so you can G-chat with a guy you’ve never met is a serious warning sign.

Like any habit, if find yourself lying about how much you’re doing it, sneaking around to do it, and having to do it more and more to stay satisfied, it could be a serious problem.

In July, The New York Times reported on a man who may have had a little online dating addiction. He went on his dating site for three hours a day, e-mailed 600 women in 18 months, and went on as many dates as he could. Sometimes he met three women throughout a given Sunday at Starbucks to save both time and money. But it worked – he found Miss Right that way, and they got married. His addiction paid off; however, he was only her third date, so there’s something to be said for moderation.;redirect=


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