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Abstracts: a variety of works

Some of them we read with pleasure in the next magazine or collection. Others we are walking through our eyes and I don't remember anything. Others become literary memorials. And it is NOT only the talent of the author. Bagato hays in the fact that, what theme you discover and to which those you write.
There is a luggage of the pictures. For example, there are philosophical, artistic, historical, spiritual - religious, literary criticism.  In accordance with the form they will be divided into notes, leaves, lyric miniatures, and vidguks. According to the method of presentation - descriptive and narrative, analytical and critical, ces - illustrations, classification and others.

Let's start with the simplest mode in the presentation.       

  • Descriptive Essay.In such an essay, we describe some object. It can be a flower, some product, a person or animal, an artist's work or a movie - in short, anything. In the description it is important not just to convey the main characteristics of the object - appearance, smell, texture, but also to reflect your feelings. In the essay-description there is no place for criticism and analysis, but subjectivity is still present - in the features you pay attention to, in the wording, in the emotional coloring.The description of the process can be placed in a subtype. In a way, it's akin to a narrative: you describe some actions in chronological order, but there's no room for conflict in the text.


  • Narrative Essay.Action, action, and only action! A narrative is a first- or third-person account of events in chronological order. It can be a brief biography or an account of some important event. The main components of such an essay are plot, climax, denouement. Accordingly, there should also be a conflict.


  • Definition of an essay. A definition essay has one purpose - to reveal a certain concept. To do this, elements of narrative, description, illustration, and analysis can be used.


  • Classification of essays. The text you are reading can hardly be called an top paper reviews.  We take a concept, highlight some principle, and create a classification. In this way, we take a deeper look at the topic.


  • Essay-Comparison. In сlassification you dissect a concept. In a comparison, you take another, related concept, draw parallels, look for similarities and differences.


  • Essay-Comparison .This is simple: your aim is to bring about , and firmness . To do this, you will choose and give examples. It is important that these examples actually convey what you are saying.


  • The reasoning is as follows.Just as you give examples in the article, you must give facts in the article that support your claim. It is important to structure these facts logically. The difference in the illustrations is that here the author makes a rational connection, but not emotions.        
  • Causal analysis. Cause → Effect. This can be the basis for your essaytyper. You are NOT anymore, you just state the facts, but analyze and build them like a logical lancet. As you can see, the text can have different structure and different purposes. After learning about the different methods and genres, you can already know how to write correctly in your case.
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