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When you're the oldest sibling in a family, you take it upon yourself to pass down words of wisdom to your younger sisters and brothers. The lessons can vary from which college is the right fit, to the best hangover cures, to how to patch up a fight between friends. And yes, sometimes there are lessons about love. Depending on how close a family relationship is, the topics can go from "what you should wear on your first date" to "when it's time to take that pregnancy test." Luckily I have never had to confront the latter subject.

I have both a younger brother and sister and while I am equally close with both of them, there are certain subjects I stray away from with each independent person. I try my best to pass along what I've learned in my somewhat hideous track record, but the most depressing thing is I really don't know that much. In fact, they may have more experience in some areas than I do. Just this week I recieved a text from my sister saying she is going on a date with a guy that she's really excited about. While I smiled, I also realized that both her and my brother (who is getting deeper into a committed relationship by the day) are ahead of me in the dating game.

This doesn't bother me; yet. But then I start to envision a future of attending my brother's wedding before my own and not even having a date to bring to the event. I'm fortunate enough I don't have a mother who is consistently hounding me to find a husband, however I have noticed that she takes extreme interest whenever I mention a guy's name.

I've never been the competitive type, but with siblings things do get sticky. In high school we were all involved in sports and I remember feeling neglected when my parents made extreme efforts to make all my brother's basketball games when they would miss some of my swim meets. It was stupid and juvenile, but will these feelings arise if I remain single as I grow older?

As my siblings have teetered away from the innocent high school relationships to now the longer-lasting college ones, I realize we're almost in the same realm of dating. Sure, I may be older and wiser (HA) but they are just as likely to fall in love as I am. Thats something I can handle...until relatives refer to me as Dan and Sue's "single child".;id=2;url=


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