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Do you remember the trailer of ‘Joker’? The trailer was so good that we got completely charged up and rushed to the theaters to experience the full movie. Although, not all movies turn out to be great. But trailers provide a great chance in making a decision whether to go for the movie or not. A thesis statement is like a movie trailer that helps the readers to decide whether to read the paper until the end by providing a first impression. If you are unable to wrrite thesis statement by yourself, then you can get help from any essay writing service.

When your readers go through your thesis statement they should get hooked with the idea of your essay or any kind of other research paper. If it is not interesting and captivating, chances are your entire paper will be overlooked no matter how amazing the rest of the paper is written. So, you have to put a lot of effort and work smart to grab the attention of your readers. A thesis statement must incorporate the following elements:

  • It should provide the main idea of your paper
  • Reasons for supporting that idea
  • Valid information to support your viewpoint 

Once you get to understand the key elements of writing a great thesis statement, checking out the following examples can help you come up with the best thesis statement for your essay or research paper. 

  1. Many children are unable to vaccinate due to illness, the concerned authority must take action on this so that all children must be vaccinated to have herd immunity. 
  2. Junk food should be avoided as it causes obesity, diabetes, heart attack and that can eventually lead them to death. 
  3. Public libraries are important resources for communities and should be funded more by local municipalities.
  4. The beauty contests do not benefit society and should be extracted from the lives of civilized societies. 
  5. Although there are many noticeable similarities, the difference between Christianity and Judaism are remarkable and are the cause of massive disputes until today. 
  6. While paper books and ebooks have the same goal, the experience that readers come across is different and leads to major differences between the two. 
  7. Although Facebook and google are created to serve different purposes, they have some noticeable similarities in influencing people’s perception. 
  8. The reasons behind the rise of random shootings in the United States are the growing fear of people and the feeling of vulnerability. 
  9. The need for changing workplaces and professions in the 21 century is one of the main reasons for dissatisfaction in life. The feeling of incompetence and depression makes Millenials search for a better place to work. 
  10. There is nothing wrong being getting marry at a young age except for it being romantic. People’s personalities drastically change between 20 and 30 years and marrying at a very young age is not always a good idea. 

Hopefully, now the idea of crafting a perfect thesis statement is pretty clear to you. In case, if you still face difficulty in writing an attention-grabbing thesis statement, feel free to contact a legitimate ‘write essay for me’ service and say goodbye to your thesis statement problems forever. 


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