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Dating and Relationships - Admin

You’ve tried the bar scene, blind dates and even dated a coworker or two – but nothing resulted f...

Getting to Know You - Admin

Lately I've kind of been in an asexual rut. No man has grabbed my attention at a bar. Talking to ...

Addicted to Online Dating? - Admin

Once you get comfortable with online dating, it can actually be quite fun. In your office, you ma...

10 Signs She Might Just Be The One - Admin

Determining whether a woman you are seeing is “the one” or not is not the stuff of rom-coms. Ther...

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Profile IconAlla Smokie - 14 October 2019, 5:33 AM How Dating Too Many Assholes Turned Me into a Paranoid Girlfriend

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Remember, you are as important and valuable as the other people you make promises to, you deserve the same integrity and commitment that your give to others!

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Profile IconAlla Smokie - 23 September 2019, 5:34 AM Ten Douchey Things Women Actually Like

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