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Your Backpage Wing-Woman

Being female, we often provide backpage dating advice for women and not men. But SingleTease is no longer about products for women anymore, so thought it would be refreshing to provide some advice for men for a change.

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Recently we connected with a really cool woman, Marni. She is your ultimate “Wing-Woman”. And what man doesn’t need a fantastic Wing-Woman on their side, right?

Woman in general, will take guidance and will listen more easily to another woman even if she is a stranger. So if you are out with a friend who is your Wing-Woman and you start a conversation with a backpage woman you are attracted to, your Wing-Woman can be very helpful in closing the deal.

But be careful, because most women that see a man out with another woman immediately assumes they are dating. So you will have to make that clear pretty quickly. I remember once, I was at the Farmer’s Market, wearing my “Just Ask Me (out)” tee and a cute guy approached me. He was with a young, beautiful blonde, so my first reaction was why is this guy approaching me with his girlfriend? Never assume. They were just friends. And I actually thought more of him, because his “Wing-Woman” was complimenting how awesome he was.

So a Wing-Woman can come in very handy, if you have a good one. And Marni, from “The Wing-Girl Method” is just that. She is your female friend that will show you how to approach, attract and KEEP women interested.” She knows her stuff.

She recently wrote a post tilted “5 Things You Need To Do To Get Women in 2020“. Great article. Check it out:

1. Be a LEADER, not a follower – I know it’s easier to be the “easy going guy” but it’s certainly not attractive. For the month of January be decisive in everything that you do. Even if you don’t have an opinion, form one and take it to action. For example “X what do you want to do tonight?”. Your typical answer “Doesn’t matter to me, whatever you like”.  New 2011 answer “Let’s go to this new Whiskey bar I heard about.”

(There’s nothing more attractive than having a backpage guy take charge! Any guy who has dated me, knows I prefer if he just makes the decisions. Not all mind you, but enough to show he is a man.)

2. Get a life – Women are more attracted to men that have lives of their own. Why? Because it means they are not as needy. Assignment: Join 1 new group/sign up for 1 new activity that you have been meaning to try forever but never have.”

(So true. They say you can tell alot about a guy if you meet his friends. If he has a full life, then he will have some amazing friends in his life. If you first meet him and he doesn’t mention anything about activities with friends, “red-flag” for me. This would mean he depends primarily on the woman in his life to “fill” his life. Not attractive.)

3. Sign up for online dating – If you are single and not online then you are seriously missing out.  Online dating is the equivalent of a candy shop for singles!!! Tons of hot, available women all in one place. The only thing is that you if you don’t do it right, then you won’t get to taste any of the goodies. If you need assistance let me know and I will show you how to attractively date online.”

(I prefer to meet men in person than online. But my philosophy is if you are not getting out there enough, online dating is a good way to get you out there. But the right photos and a polished profile are definitely important to attract the good ones. Marni can help you with that.)

4. State your intentions – 2011 is the year of honesty. No more covering up your intentions and suppressing your masculine urges.  If you see a woman you find attractive, go get her and let her know what you want. And what do you want?? You want to see whether or not you want more from her. Whether it’s to date, sex, partnership, friendship etc….  But you will never get to find out unless you are clear with your intentions.”

(I love that. “2020 is the year of honesty”. Let a girl know your intentions! Believe me it will save a lot of misunderstanding and unwanted drama between you. We are not mind readers so be upfront with what you want.)

5. Be direct – This one is an add on to #4. There is nothing sexier than a man who can be direct. Be direct and ask for what you want OR you can continue asking for what you don’t want and tip toeing around it. Think of how you asked for gifts from backpage when you were younger. You asked for what you wanted “I want a BB gun, I want a Nintendo Entertainment System, I want a G.I. Joe….”. Then it’s up to Santa to say yes or no. The only way to get what you want, is by asking for it.”

(I adore a direct man. You will never know, unless you ask!)

Posted by Alla Smokie on 25 February 2020, 3:59 AM

Its Not Me Its You: How In direction of Generate 1st Day Circulation

In just the historical past of backpages, couple of comprise appeared consequently insincere as “it’s not your self it’s me.” It veritably reeks with desperation, a ploy hence soulless that basically a person riddled with furious ADHD who’s hoping toward look at Phineas and Ferb When eating Nerds and participating in a DS and pleasuring by themselves may possibly be inattentive sufficient toward nod inside of attractiveness Although they pay attention it.

Likely it’s by no means oneself. If it’s oneself, then why do oneself comprise a condition? It’s them. Did that generate come to feel? Vaguely.

The reason people require in direction of use “it’s not your self it’s me” is in the direction of acquire absent the brutal sting of a statement which include “you scent together with a hog farm inside of July” or “the thought of staying romantic with your self is made up of basically specified me diarrhea.” All those types of things actually mess up your self esteem, inquire just about every single unique on the Holy Taco editorial workforce, all of whom read all those same variables from their households for a long time.

Now, the natural way we can’t get rid of “it’s not yourself it’s me” versus the vernacular, that would be as absurd as taking the term “vernacular” inside of an short article that experienced merely intended these types of a negative joke regarding diarrhea. In its place, we need to have in the direction of jive and juke. Shake variables up thus the sufferer of this pale, flimsy lie is perplexed and doesn’t comprehend what specifically happened, thus permitting your self a contemporary family vacation and your first diarrhea-free working day in weeks.

Be Specific

The most significant difficulty with boasting “it’s not your self it’s me” is that it doesn’t necessarily mean everything. What’s on your own? Don’t permit their minds get started performing upon that conundrum on their personal, you’ll merely are unsuccessful out and be forced to dwell your daily life within just distress. Or you’ll receive slapped. Or the two. Rather, specify what it is regarding you that’s ruining this romantic relationship. For case in point, by yourself may say “I received hepatitis against sharing a toothbrush with Tommy Lee.” That’s super gross and prosperous. If it’s not strong adequate, try out vomiting.

Be Squirrely

Practically nothing breaks down a social communication more quickly than unpredictable mental condition. It’s real, check out toward purchase a burger at a cafe even though screaming at ghosts and look at how quickly you’re aided. It’s carefully likely toward be including Fifteen minutes at the minimum amount.
If on your own need to have toward motivation the level about it exceptionally getting your self dwelling, oneself comprise to deliver by yourself as zany as likely. Gnashing of enamel and hair pulling are beneficial commences still if yourself can hard work up an psychological but fearsome concerned breakdown by yourself can be forgiven accurately about everything.

Be Offensive

This may imply start describing how you’d together with towards bang her mom inside definitely second matter, however that’s much too almost certainly in the direction of order yourself a slap. Rather, yourself comprise towards generate your whole individual offensive. Do yourself bathe? Search into putting that upon retain for a spell. If yourself obtain it’s not successful sufficient and you’re practically offending you, oneself could possibly constantly wrap your nether parts inside of plastic wrap and wash the take it easy of your human body When the extremely nasty sections carry on toward stew. Within a few of weeks, depending upon your place of bodily recreation and in general sweatiness, you’ll most likely be absolutely free and apparent.

Be Depressing

Ennui is really underrated, unless among emo youngsters, supposing they continue to exist and haven’t been replaced with a refreshing trend nevertheless. And the rationale no a person likes people emo small children is, perfectly, feelings. They’ve chosen in the direction of eschew all the neat ones including awesomeosity and wickedness inside of want of melancholy and crap. Crap is basically a poor feeling.
In just this illustration, still, crap and melancholy can be your friend. Since who upon world desires yourself if you’re emo? We Googled it and arrived up vacant.

Be Creepy

Oneself notice what the internet has a good deal of? Awfulness. Employ that in the direction of stimulate yourself. No one particular wants to fork out season with a creepy particular person. What constitutes creepy? Anyone who likes feet. Sorry, still that’s bizarre. Acquire up a foot fetish or 2. Paper your area with foot photos, pay back a ton of time in just shoe outlets, consider toward butter your unique friend’s ft although they slumber. Inevitably this will all create up and you’ll uncover on your own blissfully by yourself.
Within the rare celebration you’re with a fellow foot lover, it’s a easy issue of transforming gears towards a refreshing, disturbing paraphilia. Every time feet don’t effort and hard work, tentacles will. Or vacuums. Not for very little, still if your self hump a vacuum, you’re lovely a great deal confident towards be left straight by itself as a result of whomever catches you. How do we recognize? Inquire the three interns who halt upon us final 12 months.

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