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Mature Singles: Malice In PUA-land

I haven't been writing anywhere near as much lately, teaching nearly as much, or trying to pick up mature women nearly as much. I guess you could consider me a semi-retired PUA/player. So what is life like now?

The most dramatic change is that I've been focusing almost exclusively on the basics. When you're in the seduction community, I think you create a lot of unnecessary problems for yourself by spreading yourself too thin, especially if you consider yourself a guru or expert on the subject; you create problems because the mature dating community demands it. Every guy sits and waits on the next blogger or guru to talk about the next big thing as if the basics stopped working on mature women.

After you take a step back from the seduction community, you gather your barrings, and say to yourself "hold on, I don't need all of this.". And as a result, I've stripped my game down to the bare essentials: looking good, being funny, making mature women chase, always having self respect, and taking advantage of opportunity.

I was out with my wing last weekend, and I think he kind of over-analyzed every single situation because it's what you are taught to do in the seduction community. I flat out told him about how I felt: approach first, make excuses later. And that kind of highlights the flaw I had as a member of the seduction community. While deep in it, I kind of would take one situation and dissect it into multiple angles like almost every other guru and blogger would do. Not to say that it didn't work, but it also made it difficult to explain & execute; hence the difficult learning curve for guys entering the game (and veterans alike).

Everyone is in search of some new technique and wants to create false realities, but in actuality, they have truly lost touch with what is. You guys read, and read, and read, in hopes of finding something that will allow you to stay out of the gym, not spend more money on your clothing, and avoid the pain of taking risks with your pride. You try a new technique, whether it is Mode One, Mystery Method, or whatever, so that when you get shot down, you can blame the technique instead of blaming your personality or character flaws; it is all done in an attempt to avoid getting your ego shattered.

And then there are those of you that buy into that "create your own reality" mess. Look, there's nothing wrong with enjoying yourself and not caring what other people think, but at some point in time, you're going to have to step into someone else's reality if you want something that they possess; in this case, sex from mature women. Living in your own reality is just another phrase for protecting your ego from getting shattered. Something to think about: schizophrenics also live in their own reality and don't tend to pay attention to the world around them.

Not to say that any of this stuff is wrong. However, it should be more of an afterthought. After you've got the basics down, then you can add a little bit of structure into your game. And even after you add structure, STICK TO THE BASIC PRINCIPLES instead of over-analyzing every situation (I'm looking at you Reader Mail guys). After you've faced the truth about yourself and have worked on it, then you can go out and act like the rest of the world doesn't matter. Until then, step out of the twilight zone and back into reality.

Posted by Alla Smokie on 08 September 2021, 12:34 PM