What is Email Marketing (Email Marketing)? by Timmy MaorghanY

What is Email Marketing (Email Marketing)?

Which is still used a lot after many years of email marketing and in this you will be introduced to the concept of email marketing.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a way to reach customers through marketing advertising Unlike spam emails, targeted email marketing directly attracts customers who are interested in your business. It doesn't matter how much you sell through email marketing, but it will connect you to thousands or thousands of potential customers and cost you less in marketing than any other advertising method. But the important point is that in email marketing you are sending your business message with stunning images and text to audiences who are familiar with your business.

Introduce your product to the bottom line This can turn your interest into potential customers.

Many companies use an option called subscription cancellation in their emails to separate potential customers from other customers.

It also gives you statistics on how many customers are interested in your business or email.

Email marketing content can be more than just text and various formats, including images and videos. You will be able to introduce your products to customers. Other advertising methods, such as pop-up or banner ads or other advertising methods, often target only potential customers, but in your email marketing, you are directly promoting your content through content.

The internet is the best and most popular way for those who are looking to gather information about people who are interested in their products or services.

Types of Email Marketing:

Email newsletter:

But another very common way of email marketing is that if you have a site in cyberspace you will publish articles for the audience on the site. So, building an email newsletter can keep your site's article enthusiasts engaged and keep them up to date with new articles. This is also an effective tool to keep your business' key customers.

Email Poll:

This email marketing method can reflect the reviews and suggestions of potential customers. This would be a great way to test or fix the weaknesses of a product or service.

You can sell more high-quality products based on your customers' needs, resulting in increased sales.

The Benefits of Email Marketing:

2. Save your time and energy:

Imagine wanting to call your customers on a phone and explain to everyone about new services or products that you should spend a lot of time and energy on. But in email marketing you can easily prepare your text only once and then send it to many people and this process will take only a few hours.

Personalizing the message:

In email marketing you can send emails with their own names to each customer, and you can even introduce new products and services based on their purchase history. The impact on sales is obvious.

Reduce Extra Costs:

Email marketing does not require additional costs such as staff, designers or marketing analysts and you will no longer have printing and mailing costs.

This way you create a template for your email based on your taste and you can easily change it to your needs at no cost to you.

Frequent communication:

In traditional ways, such as brochures or posters, you only communicate with your customers once in a while, but in email marketing you can often communicate with your customers.

Email Sharing:

When you send an effective, high-profile email to a large number of your customers, this can persuade them to send that email to other people, and this will open the door for new people to your business.

Real-time messages:

When you sell a product or service to people, you get information to sign them up, such as a birthday or such as when your customers' birthday is due.

Email Marketing Tools:

Here are some of the email marketing tools that are easy to use and have good features and lower costs than other systems.

1- MailChimp:

It is one of the best and least expensive email marketing tools and its simplicity has attracted many people. Features of this tool help you have the ability to advertise on social media and Google AdWords and give you complete and useful reports.


2 - Mailer lite:

This is another email marketing tool that has attracted many users in recent years.

One of the good features of this tool is the creation of targeted campaigns and you can easily implement a course for your customers with this system. Like Mail Chimp, this tool gives you good reports and has up to 3 free subscriptions per month and you have to pay more subscribers.

1- This service is a good choice for small businesses.

It offers good features such as creating a graphical campaign that facilitates the process. Other features include webinar service, landing page design, Freundlich mobile forms, and more.


Email marketing is a great way to gather a lot of customer information and keep you up to date on the latest products and services, discounts, and more. All email services introduced in this subscription have a great deal of features and ease of use, and each of them is a choice. Check this video about web traffic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEnTZbMkNc4



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